Pre- vs. Post- Modern Culture

Posted on April 21, 2012

Oscar Wilde is truly awesome. Why can’t we have more people with the steady flow of wit and sharp observation of contemporary culture today?

I even wrote a poem on the subject as a tribute.


(Inspired during a trip to Dublin)

“An Apology to Mr Wilde”

Greetings Mr Wilde,

I believe you were expecting me

To drop by – or quite the opposite.

I can only say sorry

Things happen (the temptation to indulge my curiosity)

As they do in your town.

Your place of residence is open

To scholars and selected people only.

But I would like to give it a try.

I would rather listen to a word or phrase

Of your devising, than a whole conversation full of plagiarised pop culture

(if that is the right term for the mediocrity which is popular today).

But you were “not in”. Not to a passer-by like me anyway.

But an excuse – a good one, a better one.

I have none. I rarely have the words to say

Which capture the essence of what I really must say

Before the moment also passes by…

I will try again another time certainly.



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