Stuff I Like

Neil Gaiman – Main website of one of my favourite authors of all time. Where is he now..?

New Statesman – Currently my fave non-obscure news publication, one which I’d write for if I were able to write…

Atlas Obscura – A website cataloguing the more obscure and curious attractions in the world, normally overlooked by, and largely unknown to, the average visitor. A key source of inspiration for both writing and travelling

Mostly Amelie – Female solo vegan travel photographer – basically who I want to (but most likely never will) be

The Culture Trip – a great all-rounder-type site which gives you plenty of good reasons to visit any given place

Happy Cow – basically my lifeline any time I venture a certain distance from home

Vsauce – been making up for lost time with this one. Can’t get enough of general knowledge

Lore – a very recent addition (and discovery), a bi-weekly podcast which delves into the folklore (hence the name) which has captivated, and frightened, generations throughout human history. Having begun my literature studies with a module on “The Tale”, needless to say this has me hooked now

Scottish Poetry Library – I tried and failed to volunteer here, it wasn’t the “right time” for me circumstance-wise, but I think it’s an awesome and unique little place

Glasgow Women’s Library – Volunteering here gave me a boost onto my postgraduate course when I had little to no other recourse, and it’s got a vast array of feminist literature, almost entirely brought in by donation

The Anarchist Library – An online library with in-depth articles such as The Individual, Society and the State by Emma Goldman

Electric Literature – another good literature site!

Feminist Current – Another feminism resource which I like

Flavorwire – Alternative literature related news. I’m kinda into literature.

Intellectual Refuge – Up-and-coming “intellectual-style” writing, which published two short stories of mine. So far they are the only website charitable enough to do so.

Musings of an Aspie – Basically what it says on the tin. An aspie woman muses about things which pertain to autistic people

Gary L. Francione – Founder of the Abolitionist Approach To Veganism, basically the yardstick by which I now define my own veganism, and educator of the moral reasons to go vegan in an articulate and clear way. Check out the page

Bite Size Vegan – Working name of Emily Moran Barwick, dedicated vegan educator and activist. Explains every conceivable vegan question in a clear yet non-confrontational way. Particularly recommend the channel on Youtube

Esther The Wonder Pig – One of my favourite social media-using pigs (certainly the biggest one), and also one with a fascinating back story. Check out Esther and her dads’ social media pages and their sanctuary website, promoting a compassionate lifestyle and awareness of the capacity for sentience shared by animals everywhere

Tower Hill Stables Sanctuary – An animal sanctuary run by a vegan athlete. Does a marathon once every six months or something in some far-flung corner of the world, generally exhibits hardcore dedication…

Can You Tell Me Ten Words That You’d Use? – This guy is a friend of a friend, and undertook a mission to write one short story a week in 2014…

The Oatmeal – Run by Matthew Inman, whose humour and commitment to running I like, and it’s not about oatmeal *per-se*

Hyperbole and a Half – Power is intoxicating… (btw if you’re reading this please start blogging again, I miss you)

Urnabios – My current plan for if/when I die – I quite like the idea of becoming a tree or some other form of plant life, although I’ve yet to decide which type

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