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Hello there,

You have stumbled upon the online abode of a struggling writer and sometime human being.

old one of me

My name is *insert name here* and I’m currently living in Glasgow, having done so for most of my life. I’m a graduate in Comparative Literature (taken between Glasgow Uni and the University of Kent in Canterbury, long story…), and of Library Science from the University of Strathclyde. In between each degree I’ve been trying to make a go of writing – so far it’s still very much “going”…

I’ve dabbled in pretty much every type of creative outlet out there, from writing to fine art to academia to music to digital media, never really becoming a “master of one” – rather accumulating an accidental mosaic of experiences, tasters of lifestyles, if you like.

I’m a vegan, simply and primarily because I believe that animals are not ours to use, or abuse, as is far too often the case. I believe in animal rights, namely the right to autonomy and freedom from harm, rather than merely welfare – that is, their treatment while in captivity and subject to human use. I don’t believe in speciesism, which is the prioritising of human need and greed over the lives of non-humans, and believe that sentient beings deserve to live lives which are completely free. I also believe that veganism is the best solution for ending many human issues, such as famine and water shortage, and one which affects us all, which is climate change. I try to promote the message as and when I can and I’ve listed some good vegan resources on the “Stuff I Like” page, for those looking for more information.

I am slowly but surely coming to terms with my diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome (hereafter and throughout my blog referred to simply as AS – I’ve always hated the name for some reason), and trying to find a way to incorporate it in my life without allowing it to interfere with and dominate everything about me. It’s an extremely delicate balance.

In a nutshell, and without going into too much detail here, various things in life have been far more difficult for me than they would be for most other people. The trouble is that, for a long time, things were just barely not-difficult enough to make me think that all I needed was to just pull it together, have a word with myself, stop being silly (hence the name “silly goose”), push it down, and the rest would follow. The rest didn’t follow. It took me far too long to realise things which are self-evident to most people, and everything so far is basically a catch-up exercise. An attempt to turn into who I should have been all along.

The name of the site, Silly Goose, is a teasing reference to my tendency to misplace my common sense from time to time. Perhaps a result of AS, or just being me, I’ll never know. And also because I couldn’t think of another decent name when I created the site. The name/title was bestowed upon me, some time ago, by one who knows this tendency all too well, and is the one who gives me the nudge, every so often, to remind me that I’m being one.

I may change the name of the site at some point, if/when I become less silly and better at everything in life.

After much deliberating and time-wasting, I’ve settled into part-time freelance writing and editing to earn an income, while developing my photography on the side. Also, due to my rather significant lack of a schedule, and desire to make up for lost time, I’ve begun travelling as and when I can over the past few years (which is one of the things which AS makes difficult for me – which makes things interesting) – this has partly been brought on by stumbling upon various travel blogs and becoming preoccupied with the idea that I really needed to gain a wider perspective of everything. I’ve been trying to decide if I want to make this a travel blog, a vegan blog, a writing blog, a something-else blog, and as of yet I can’t decide. So for the time being, it’s going to be, to varying degrees, about all of the above.

Should you wish to view more condensed versions of my ramblings then please do look me up on Twitter and Instagram, going by the handle @gee0dee

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