Gym Bunny

Posted on April 21, 2012

I gave the gym another try today. I’m not long back and already I feel all the better for going. That feeling would probably be all the more justified if I weren’t nursing a Brother’s Pear Cider as I write this but hey!

Fitness is one of those concepts which doesn’t seem so scary in its pure word-form. “Fitness” – perhaps not the most exciting word but relatively innocuous, not likely to strike fear and loathing into the average gym-trying person.

However it is the context in which it is most frequently used which is likely to steer me reliably away from it. It inevitably brings to mind those glorious specimens who have achieved this Fitness standard, and who make it their personal mission to permeate the public with this epiphany they have chanced upon, worked towards, and now have the flawless and flab-free physique as proof of their endurance. However there are days – not an overwhelming number but enough to notably tarnish my fitness “reputation” – when I am convinced that “fun-run” has to be ultimate example of an oxy-moron…

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