21st Century Emily Dickinson-inspired Poetry – a sample

Basically what it says in the title.

I wanted to explore the type of things she might talk about or reference if she were alive today. Of course this is an entirely experimental creative exercise and I’d never dream to presume what she might actually say, or be like, now. I just wanted to try to imagine possibilities of what kind of things might be written.


Internet connection

To venture out of one’s own home
Is taking risks unknown.
It takes a lot of reserves to
Draw oneself from the cocoon.

It never seems to be the case
That things go ways you know.
However if I hold my place
I’m ~then~ ready to go.

I try to reach beyond the screen
In more ways than the one.
I’m never quite able to see
The ~ way ~ in. How

~ t0 ~ b£g/n.



I fall before the great way down
Presents itself to me.
Is it better to fail now
Than risk a greater one?


Interruption (Time To Get Going)

Overstimulation dictates I

Take some time alone.

Sitting or lying or standing or curling
Into a piece of micro-me
Hints at a nudge of time in so little
A way as to be immeasurable.

Keeping an eye on the time
Can be an under/over rated thing.

The lime-glow of the figures rouse,
Insist on my return ~
Despite my retreat further in
The mobile insists I am so.

Birds joined in song by ringing ~
A chorus never imagined before,
Two sounds never imagined to be
Sharing a space in what is known
As the here and now.

But somehow this is how things are,
And how things will continue to be.
One can never recline long,
The time for being able to
Will now, or soon, be gone.


The needle finds its residence
Where it must remain ~ until I
Atone for the reason it has to be
There in the first place.

There are few more who can face
This discipline than I.


Going home 

The long way home
Gets longer when I
Stop to ~~ pause ~~ a while

Before I know
What’s happening here ~
Future becomes now.

My home, not long from now
Will be the home of someone else
May not be a home to anyone when
Yet more time lapses on.

So for now I will try to see
The place right now,
The place that may not now be mine,

But one where ~ now ~ I can go in.