Coming And Going And Staying

Posted on September 24, 2012

Things have continued to move rather slowly since I lasted posted here. But for virtually everyone else in my social circle, it has been quite the rollercoaster ride of late.

Both my sister and parents have upped sticks and escaped to the countryside, the former to a village on the outskirts of town life, and the latter to an idyllic lochside inn. Other acquaintances have either already taken the plunge, or are at least talking about it, and it is something which worries the fringes of my brain ever more often.

With the rising cost of everything, and urban areas getting more overcrowded by the day, my inner hermit is not only emerging, but actively demanding more attention. However it is not entirely certain what should be done.

While it would, on paper, be excellent to abandon “real life”, it is all too easy to forget the unforseen reality of such an impulse. The trouble is that real life, all too often, tends to follow you wherever you go and to stick quite faithfully by your side. So do hordes of other people with the same idea but more on that another time.

Also things in general are sufficiently stable, for the time being, to warrant being careful about changing too much too soon.

Perhaps the real concern here is one of succumbing to complacency, or stagnating in life. I would just like to be sure that I’m making the most out of life but most of the time I’m not even sure what I want to be doing.

Hopefully as the days darken, it will have the inverse effect of shedding some light on the next move to make, if indeed any.

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