Been Away For A While

Posted on September 8, 2012

… mostly because I’ve not had much to report recently. But in the interest of keeping up to date with my site…

I’m going to a wedding today, along with the fiance, with whom this will be my first full-day wedding, and because of a charity cycling event tomorrow (Pedal for Scotland), it will be a relatively sober one. I’m particularly bad at these types of events, or any type of socialising en masse, but it will be good to see everyone, and to actually meet the bride!

Also there’s the fact that I’m nowhere near adequately prepared for this cycling trip, but I’m determined to do at least one such challenge, and as they go, this is meant to be one of the more beginner friendly. We’ll see.

Since my plans for postgraduate study went down the drain, I’ve been applying for pretty much everywhere else. Luckily I’ve gotten a couple more gigs in content writing, bad news is that my creative writing is still on the wane. It’s quite difficult when you’re trying.

Healthwise, things could be better for myself and my fiance, but hopefully with an adjustment here and there, things will improve for us pretty soon.

On that note, I’ll sign off once again. Hopefully by next time I’ll have more in the way of photography, but it’ll probably not all be mine :S

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