Posted on November 1, 2012

I have just signed up for National Novel Writing Month, taking place all the month of November, in the hope of giving myself the kick up the arse I’ve sorely been needing.

Already it is tempting to envisage my failure, but I am trying to counteract that with the optimistic idea that I can see it as part of a joint effort, or even a collaboration in the act of writing.

The story you may be able to see on the scribbling page of the site is probably as much of a tangible story-line that I’ve been able to create. I have a just-barely-tangible idea of what I would *like* to see on the page, but I’m really not sure where to take it: here, there or indeed anywhere.

I want to tell a historical but human story, but the *story* evades me. I’m sure it’s somewhere in the old weary noggin, but hopefully NaNoWriMo will help me to unearth the story and bring it onto the page.

Hopefully some more stuff will come out of me too.

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