Boatin’ Time

Posted on October 4, 2013

Greetings once again, I shall dedicate this post to recounting the fairly recent boating trip I referred to in the previous posting. It took place in late summer, and it is already well into autumn, so apologies for this being so late but here we go-

Powering through Loch Ness - peacefully of course

Powering through Loch Ness – peacefully of course

It was… an interesting experience. I left most of the actual sailing up to my fiance, but I did most of the tying and untying of the boat’s ropes, and we both had to endure constantly having to pass through canal locks, but when we were actually able to sail freely, it was jolly good fun, and the simple pleasure of having lunch in the middle of a loch on a reasonably nice day (as long as it isn’t too choppy) is one that isn’t all too commonplace…

Last but not least, it has to be said that – no we did not see “Nessie”. He was probably sleeping or generally avoiding people when we passed by. Also, according to local legend “Nessie” has a fellow prehistoric buddy, “Lizzie”. No sign of Lizzie either when we passed through where s/he is meant to live. We saw lots of ducks though, and they got quite a feast of cereal and bread on the house, as it were.

We could both potentially get more into boating, providing we had more freedom to take the boat wherever the hell we felt like. As folks who like not to be tied down to one place for too long, this could fit nicely into our lifestyle. However it may be just another pipe dream for now, as there are quite a few things on the proverbial to-do list, so for now it’ll get put into the “we’ll see” pile.

And yes I still managed to struggle to write – even in the midst of that damned nice scenery. More on that next time…

The boat that was briefly our home

The boat that was briefly our home


Ben Nevis REALLY doesn't look that difficult to climb from here...

Ben Nevis REALLY doesn’t look that difficult to climb from here…

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